Incoming Student-Athletes

 (use this link to provide us with your contact information)
One of the biggest choices you make in high school is also one of the most overlooked: Who are you going to be?
Basically, who are you going to associate with, who are you going to ally yourself with, who are you going to call your friends?  Rest assured, the people that you choose to surround yourself with will ultimately be a reflection of you; or will you be a reflection of them?!  True friends will support you to new and greater heights of achievement.  False "friends" will only drag you down.  Be critical in your thinking, be honest in your evaluation, and choose your friends wisely.
When you choose to become a Puma Football Player, you choose to become a part of our family.  You willl find that there are upper-classmen that care who you are in your first week on campus.  You will find that you have a stable support system throughout your four years of high school.  You will find yourself surrounded by positive people who will help you find the limits of your own potential.  You will discover how strong a true friendship can be when it is forged through shared struggle and great competition.  We are a Brotherhood and there's always room for one more!

  • Provide us with your contact information

  • Contact Coach Higgins or Coach Gorman if you have any questions

  • Make an appointment for an Sports Physical Exam

  • Complete the Baseline Cognitive Test; dates posted on our school website:

  • Print and follow *instructions* for completion of the On-line Athletic Packet

  • Complete the On-Line Athletic Packet; the AD will eMail you a Clearance Receipt for your coach

  • Present the Clearance Receipt to  Coach Higgins

  • Report for Practice



The first day of our season is July 30th. Our practice that day will run from 4 - 6:30 PM. The first day of school is August 15th.

Don't miss out on an entire year's experience because you think you are too late!  Contact the coaches and introduce yourself.  We will guide you and get you on track to be a part of Puma Football!