Varsity / JV Team Camps:

Each summer we attend two different team football camps.  We participate in these camps because they reinforce and supplement what we emphasize in our program: individual technique development, team execution, competition, and character!
While these camps are an integral part of our rigorous Summer Development Program, they are also a tradition that our players eagerly anticipate!
It takes a substantial effort from everyone involved to get our entire program there - virtually all of our coaches and players (incoming freshmen through seniors), as well as a wonderful group of parents that serve as our camp support crew, make the commitment to attend both of our camps!  But it is an effort and commitment that we all firmly believe is worthwhile.  
The growth of our players, the camaraderie within our program, and the friendships formed in the greater Puma Football community are all priceless! 
Travel:  When we travel out of town for a camp, players must carpool.  Usually families will arrange for one family to do the drop-off and another family to do the pick-up.
We will meet at MCHS on the day of departure.  Player ROLL CALL and a PARENT MEETING will take place at 1:30pm.  Coach Higgins will lead the wagon train out at 2:00pm.
Pick-Up times on the last day of camp will be announced at the PARENT MEETING.
Supervision:  Our entire coaching staff and a limited few parents will be with our players at all times, both during practices and at our campsite.
Food:  We feed the kids VERY WELL!
JULY 2018
Dates:                    July 13-15 (travel on July 12th)
Location:                Sutter, CA  (directions)
Registration:           (Print Form)
Camp Website:
***Please Do NOT Register On-Line***
REG FEE: $50 if turned-in to Coach by July 1,  2018; $75 if turned-in after July 1, 2018
FOOD FEE: $50 per player 3 daily meals plus snacks
TOTAL: $100 before July 1 / $125 after July 1 
Please include the appropriate dollar amount (in a single check to "Puma Football" if paying by check) when turning-in your completed registration form.  We are obligated to submit one payment for our team when registering. 
Dates:                    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
                              9-Noon, All Summer
Location:                MCHS Weight Room & Track
Registration:           None
Camp Website:        you're on it!